2012 - Principle of charity EP




"Charity is an humanitarian mask hiding the real face of economical exploitaition" Slavoj Žižek


released February 2, 2012

All songs recorded live in our rehearsal room in few hours.

music and lyrics: BACHI

BACHI - guitar, vocal
SMETY - bass
PALMA - drums

Produced by TARAS BULLBA
Sound by SMETY

Thanks to papírna.



Track Name: Ghost inside*
How much time spent listening to your words.
So many hours dreaming of my future glory.
As people grow,
storries are getting wiser.
Nowaday´s reality is just to don´t fall asleep.

In a search for what is real.
In a search for what is truly my way.
In a search.

No peace but adventure of emotion circles.
Paranoia wired to scare the ghosts inside.
(undiscovered ones)
I don´t want to believe in a miracles again,
Neither photos of my soul could tell you
where I go.
Track Name: Always with the doubts
I don´t want any other wrong one. With true possesion to control the man is leading. And the things are getting still more and more expectable.
Holding on the rules of science means the death. Breeding the children as we want them to be. Following others could be a next step to the extinction of all living yet.
I gotta go and burn my soul. Clean the ashes. Show my unavoidable need to survive in this dying place. Endless gratitude to those who makes me feel.
This heaven isn´t real. This one was built by the constructors as they sell.
No more possibilities on the path of his despair than the destruction of the power manipulation.
Destroy the chains of your own feebleness.
Illusions for the rich, the bones for poor and some cure for schizophrenia of the unless middle-ones. The corruptor´s „harmony“ is recovered by the exploiting of the ones without a chance (to have their say).
Instead of stopping wanna be blind the ones called by us to lead our fate are crying with a smiles on their lips.
Thanks to the laziness of masses humans are affraid to be, creating more of walls to hide their painful shame inside.
I read a book filled with the doubts about the future of mankind.
Felt like his words are telling what I really didn´t mention yet.
Went to the city, found a wall and use a spray.
Drew a symbol, just the „A“ in a circle.

(inspired by J. Mander´s IN THE ABSENCE OF THE SACRED)
Track Name: Freedom daughter
An overwhelming melancholy is sucking my whole chance.
With an oppression of thoughts unthought.
My own intelligence.
Repressive saturation from the outside chills my will to take a stance and laziness is killing common sense.
Despiting of the people who will never understand what is a true meaning of "to be outside the average current".
Still not trapped, yet unfinished. This energy is clear.
I´m so glad that I can tell you.
My best friend is a freedom daughter and her best friend is a freedom son.
Track Name: Last of the mohicans
What about those unhealthy inner feelings boiling inside everyone. Who´s been buried under the weight of life.
Is there anyway to set suggestions disappearing and to watch my mind as it´s clearing.
My ambitions fade away. There is no satisfaction I can´t see.
Only the red road.
We´re not all the ones and the dream of our unity is gone.
I have walked through some dirty places.
These places were inside my mind.
Final result:
The enemies are hidden under my skin.
She´s got her arms wide opened for the ones who are still connected with her true love.
For the ones who don´t think and see - there will always be a light inside the dark, but...
What is in those ambivalent feelings???
Take me right to a place, where the wind blows.
I´m suffocating with a head full of careful thoughts.
Screaming to the silence.